Serge Thompson

Technology. Innovation. Passion.

About Me

Web developer passionate about technology.

I'm a junior developer with a scientific background looking to make a difference with web technologies. I recently graduated from General Assembly, a three month long web development immersive bootcamp. I can work across the full stack and I am currently seeking opportunities with companies in New York area.



A mobile discovery tool, Timely pushes temporally curated selections Based on time of day, geolocation, and user preferences, Timely provides users with tailored service recommendations. Technology: HTML5 geolocation, Yelp API and Google Maps API.


This is a 24hr D3 hack-a-thon project to visualize Earthquakes in the period of 2011-2013. This was a lot of fun to work on and really provides a great way to display tectonic plate activity in the world. Watch the whole thing to see the outline of the plates.

Know Thy Selfie

Know Thy Selfie is a app that lets you put your selfie through the digital wringer. We take your selfie and analyze it in the cloud then return your digital stats in the most advanced manner possible bringing you your personal digital DNA.

Active Now

Active Now is a easy way to find individuals doing activities now. You can request others to join by adding your activity, location and time. Feel free to search events others have posted and join the fun. This was project one of WDI.


Node app to do live chat with a ski flavor.


Standard ID/Password constructs are highly under engineered and a pain in the ass. Our solution is a more robust methodology for securing users identity. Accenting the authenticating features of the Smartphone is the future of identity management.


Bike rides